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This is the first year that the Catskill Center for Independence participated in the YES Program.  Youth  Employment Services (YES) includes a wide range of services to assist youth with their transition to the world of work.  For youth enrolled in   secondary school, it is   recommended that YES services be offered in the final year prior to exit from high school. 

Transition-age youth are assisted through the provision of pre-employment, employment and related  services with the goal of preparing them for successful long term employment.  This preparation is consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, capabilities, interests and making informed choices.

YES is delivered with a focus on the unique concerns and issues of youth, and directly relates  to preparing them for employment by developing job related soft skills as well as obtaining targeted work experiences. YES may combine individual services in a meaningful way to enhance job readiness, provide the work experience and coaching supports etc. 

The Center has successfully placed five students in jobs related to their  career choices after they completed a two-day work readiness program, which consisted of soft skills, as well as job interviewing and other job    related skills.  Each student compiled their own resume and completed mock interviews. The students are employed by local employers and will work throughout the entire summer.  Upon completion of the  program, these students will have added valuable work experiences to their resume, which will  assist them in pursuing their individual employment goals beyond high school and  college.  CCFI would like to thank the employers who are participating in the program, as well as the students and their families.


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