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    CCFI provided services to over 1400 people with disabilities and their families in 2015

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    CCFI provided information and/or services to 85 businesses in 2015

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    Of individuals that were enrolled in the ACES program gained employment in 2015

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    During open enrollment for the NYS Department of Health, CCFI staff enrolled 545 people in health insurance through the marketplace.

  • 1-out-of-4-attended-college.png

    1 out of 4

    Number of individuals with a disability who have attended college and/or received an associate’s degree*

    *In Delaware, Otsego & Schoharie counties

  • 90%-live-in-same-residence.png


    Percentage of individuals with a disability who are still living in the same residence as the previous year*

    *Delaware, Schoharie and Otsego counties

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    CCFI staff are active on a variety of committees in Delaware, Otsego, Chenango & Schoharie Counties.

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    Because of CCFI staff, a local bus company altered their policy to accommodate overweight wheelchair users.

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    1 Billion

    Number of people in the world who have some form of disability

  • 11%-NYS-population.png


    Percentage of New York State's population with a disability

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    2.6 Million

    Number of veterans who received compensation for service-related disabilities as of 2004

  • Median-Household-Income.png


    Median household income for an individual with a disability

Independence doesn’t mean you have to go it alone


Catskill Center for Independence is one of approximately 40 locally controlled independent living centers found throughout New York State.What this means is we are a non-residential, not-for-profit, community based, disability advocacy agency. The Center provides a variety of programs and services all with the goal of assisting and supporting individuals with disabilities in our community in their attainment of universal access and opportunity in every aspect of their lives.

We are a “Community of One.” The Center is run by individuals with disabilities for individuals with disabilities. In order to call ourselves an independent living center, at least 51% of our board of directors must be individuals with disabilities. Additionally, many of the Center’s staff also have personal experience with a disability. We serve individuals of any age with any type of disability. To further our goal we also provide services to families and friends, businesses, agencies, and municipalities. Since 1987 the Center has been committed to the elimination of physical, programmatic and attitudinal barriers. We also are dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities to become more independent in all phases of their lives. Our staff is committed to serving anyone with a disability who needs our services or assistance in becoming more independent in their lives and communities.

U.S. Access Board Issues Guidance on the International Symbol of Accessibility ***We strongly oppose this decision*** International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA)The U.S. Access Board has released gu...

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Catskill Center for Independence***The Access Board is either not considering or are seriously underestimating people; the natural evolution of technologies, adaptive equipment, accommodations and individual intelligence has shown we can all adapt quite easily...Will anyone honestly wonder what this new ISA means? It's the same color and uses the same style of chair and driver...the difference? The driver seems to be on the move and is slightly leaning forward. For over 50 years the current ISA has, unintentionally created a stigma; One that shows people with disabilities as stagnant, sitting still, going nowhere or "in the way" and that stigma has been added to BILLIONS of signs throughout our Country alone. Understanding the human recognition of brand identity is one way of analyzing this. Creating an "image shock" to a familiar Brand is a known marketing strategy and is used often with many major brands. This slight tweak to a familiar image/font or color forces the "Brand Conditioned" to make new associations and recognitions and ultimately "Notice" more. In this case, the new ISA imagery is immediately familiar, but the one "tweak" to the image promotes a much more progressive and positive realization of the same message. If the guidelines aren't ammended they will ultimately discourage required entities from updating and using the new ISA imagery. The process to obtain an accommodation waiver protecting an owner from lawsuits is more involved than just buying the old it stands to reason the movement to change a 50 year old stigma will sit as stagnant as the old ISA image.1 hour, 58 minutes ago

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    Otsego County Council on Human Services

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    Staff Meeting

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    Memorial Day

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