Catskill Center for Independence

Promoting choice, self determination and total participation by working for the full integration, independence and civil rights of people with disabilities

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6104 State Highway 23, Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 432-8000 Voice & TTY
(607) 432-6907 Fax

What is a Center for Independent Living?


Centers for Independent Living are consumer controlled.  That means that at least 51% of the Center’s Board of Directors must be individuals with disabilities.  In fact, most of the Center’s management and direct service staff are also qualified individuals with disabilities.

The people who use our services decide what services they will get and what use they will make of them. They are responsible for the results of the decisions they make.   

Community Change Agent

The Catskill Center for Independence is a catalyst for systems and individual change in order to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities while promoting choices and alternatives for independent living in our society.  We work with governments, agencies, schools, and businesses to bring about these changes with the ultimate goal of creating a barrier free society.


Centers for Independent Living are nonresidential. That means nobody lives at our center, and we do not own or operate housing for people with disabilities.  In fact, centers for independent living are expressly forbidden to own or operate housing for people with disabilities.

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