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What is a Waiver?

The Federal Government “waives” certain Medicaid rules enabling New York to select a portion of the population on Medicaid to receive specialized services not available to all Medicaid recipients.

Eligibility Requirements for the TBI Waiver Program

The Waiver Applicant:

  1. Must be an active NYS Medicaid recipient.
  2. Must have medical documentation of TBI or Acquired Brain Injury such as stroke, anoxia, etc.
  3. Must be 18-64 years of age at time of application.
  4. Must be eligible for nursing facility level of care as determined by PRI/Screen or other approved screening tool.
  5. Must choose to live in the community rather than a nursing facility.
  6. Can identify a safe living arrangement that will meet their needs.
  7. Can be supported safely within the community with the funds and services available.


Numerous services are available through the TBI Waiver Program. The Catskill Center for Independence provides the services below:

Service Coordination: A coordinator is chosen by the waiver participant and/or guardian to work with them in identifying and coordinating supports and services and developing a written service plan.

 Environmental Modification: Provides adaptations to residences to promote independence and to ensure safety.

Community Integration Counseling: counseling is provided to participant and family members to assist with issues related to community integration.

Other services available through the program are listed below:

Independent Living Skills Training: provides one-to-one training to focus on increasing independence in functional skills such as cooking, shopping, banking, financial management, travel training, etc.

Structured Day Program: Community based social model program to provide socialization and skill building opportunities

Home and Community Support Staff: provides oversight, cognitive cuing and support to enable the waiver participant to reside safely within the home and community environments.

 Substance Abuse Program: Services implemented based on the unique challenges Associated with TBI to reduce and/or eliminate substance abuse that interferes with community integration.

 Intensive Behavioral Program: Community based provision of direct technical assistance to individuals with challenging behaviors and staff training for development of program support strategies.

 Assistive Technology: provides durable and non-durable equipment not funded under state plan Medicaid.

 Respite: provides the primary caretaker a needed respite from providing day to day care to the participant.

For additional information please visit the NYS Department of Health




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