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Assistive Competitive Employment Services (A.C.E.S.)

Assistive Competitive Employment Services (A.C.E.S) is a program offered by the Catskill Center for Independence designed to assist Schoharie County residents who may have a mental health diagnosis to obtain competitive employment.

A.C.E.S offers a wide array of services provided by an Employment Specialist that job seekers can choose from:


  • Assistance with obtaining education/training is provided by the Employment Specialist when it is related to a person's employment goals.

A.C.E.S Employment Specialists Help People Learn How Their Benefits Will be Affected by Work

  • Each person who participates is offered the opportunity to learn how their benefits, such as housing subsidies, disability benefits, food aid, etc., would be affected by employment. Benefits advisement is only provided from a person who has had in-depth training with on-going updates.

Job Supports are Individualized and Ongoing

  • The type of support and level of involvement from the Employment Specialist depends on the needs and preferences of the job seeker.
  • Even if you haven't worked in years, an Employment Specialist can help - it's never too late!
  • A desire to work is a strong predictor of success. Employment is part of recovery for many people.

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